As a New Zealand born, NY based fiber artist I have always loved textiles, texture and all forms of fiber, wool and warmth is one of my earliest childhood memories.  I am particularly interested in creating texture and the tactile nature of how various fibers feel, react, and appear with and against each other.

I was initially drawn to the woven medium by its limitless possibilities to create and the “no rules” techniques and free form style that can be applied. Through exploration and development I have created some of my own techniques to make my work  completely unique. 

With the beautiful Catskill Mountains as my inspiration and backdrop, the colors on view with the dramatic changes in seasons is what inspires me to work more with color, the icy whites of winter, the dull browns of spring, the acid greens of summer and the vibrant mixture of hot reds/pinks/yellows and oranges of fall... a never ending palette to pull from.

During the past 2 years I have begun a new series of sculptural works which speak to me as “organized chaos”. As I've been exploring this series, I am discovering various re-occurring form and shapes have emerged as motifs. The spine like twists of the rope interconnecting with other threads, the circular forms and intricate web like details delicately reaching outwards of the splintering joints, interspersed with appendage like hanging forms are the "organs" of the sculpture. The composed pieces and inherent tension between the disjointed fragments of the fiber... they are separate and yet the need each other to coexist. 

To me these sculptural works are like the parts of a family, all interconnected and together and by modernizing many craft techniques, which people recognize, they are generally viewed as accessible for all.

My studio is located in Upstate New York.

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