I have always loved textiles, warmth and wool are my earliest childhood memories, i love the texture of fiber and tactile nature of how various fibers feel and react when manipulated.  This is what initially drew me to this woven medium. It has limitless possibilities and I love the free form style I can apply in my creative process. 

I greatly admire the early fiber artists of the mid twentieth century, in particular Francoise Grossen and Magdelena Abakanowicz. Their wildly bold large scale creations that blazed the trail in this medium are an inspiration to me and my current work as an emerging artist. I channel my fiber forebears as I develop my own language and techniques in my free form style of weaving to make unique fiber creations.

This past year has sparked a new series of sculptural works I refer to as "Organized Chaos". Like an explosion, the interlocking threads, entwined joints and spine-like pieces created by wrapping, binding and knotting which develop into a larger sculptural work that captures the dynamic, organic nature of the fiber itself are like the disjointed lives of displaced people and of a family that was pulled apart in all directions.

My studio is located in Upstate New York with the beautiful Catskill Mountains as my backdrop.

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